Everpresent is Matthew Cahoon, a unique #vocalist, #keyboardist, #percussionist, and #composer. Everpresent was founded in January of 2002 to bring a unique blend of dark #pop and electronica to the current #musical landscape. The timeline has been an interesting #evolution of musical #experimentation combined with a certain degree of commercial appeal while diving into the dance floor, psychological reflection, and sensual energy.

In 2002, Everpresent released their debut EP and began performing all over Boston clubs such as Skybar, Harper's Ferry, Great Scott's, as well as Boston University and Berklee College of Music.
In 2004, Everpresent released "Singles and Remixes" featuring the #song, "Behind Your Veil," which received national college #radio airplay in March & April of 2004 and charted in the top ten in the state of Arizona among major #label artists Madonna and The Prodigy.
2005 brought about the #release of the Archive DVD as a retrospective of the 2002-2004 performances and rehearsals, marking group's first chapter.
In 2006, Everpresent enjoyed the success of CMJ advertised national college radio #campaign featuring the single, "Elusive", 
In 2007, Everpresent released their third CD, "Collage", a combination of pop tracks, electro-remixes, and live #recordings.
2010 saw the beginning of another significant shift. The maxi-single and accompanying #video, ("Darklight-Maxi-Single"), moved Everpresent into a strong Middle-Eastern, dark-pop vibe.
2011 brought about the completion of the transition that was introduced by "Darklight", and the dark-pop album, "Phoenix" was born. 
2014's "Introspekt", brought Everpresent into new sonic and conceptual territory. With #lyrics and concepts that examined the mind, psychology, and self-reflection, Introspekt is #experimental in nature.
In 2015, Everpresent released to 6-song EP, "Omega Point" .This EP brought the return of original co-producer and master #engineer, Steve Catizone (who started with Everpresent back in 2002 and co-produced the debut EP, and also 2004's Singles and Remixes), and also continued work with producer / engineer Ryan Hinkle.
In 2016, Everpresent released to 3 song EP, "Kahlina Reconstructions", an experimental, sci-fi remix collection of 3 songs from Introspekt and Omega point with Kahlina

In June of 2017, Everpresent released the video, "Dreamstate (Katelyn Isaacson)". 
In March 2018, Everpresent released their second video from "Parallax", the electro-rock track, "Inside".

This project is currently focusing on future efforts #touring plans (prominently on the West Coast) and #promotional material for upcoming new album.

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