Katelyn Isaacson

Seattle-based Katelyn Isaacson is a sound designer, composer, singer, and songwriter of multiple genres.
She's highly interested in new ways to use #audio in visual and interactive #media. Katelyn has extensive experience in scoring and #sound designing for films and #video #games, as well as #studio recording, audio #editing / processing, and singing.

Over the past few years, Katelyn has been performing as a classically-trained #soprano and working as a #composer for Guillotine Studios (producing audio for the game "Pareildolia: A Cast of Shadows"), a project-based assistant of Belgian composer Raf Keunen (w orked on pilot episode of Paramount Television show, as well as two #European feature #films in sound creation, percussion and synth programming, mixing, audio editing, compositional aid) and an audio intern for the #game publishing company Arena Net LLC to date. 

As Everpresent's current lead female #vocalist, she started her contributions with the #band back in 2017 on the track "Dreamstate" (the first track and video from EP's album "Parallax") and helped record the #album with Steve Catizone and Ryan Hinkle , and co -arranged all vocal parts with Matthew Cahoon.

Katelyn is also passionate about culture, language, and #international #communication.

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