Kahlina is a Netherlands-based female single #instrumentalist (one [wo] man band), #songwriter and #producer.
Writing her own #lyrics and #music, #recording - #mixing and #mastering, promoting and producing it.
She's enjoyed music and singing ever since she was a young girl. She joined children's choir and performed for some big audiences. Kahlina does not work within the boundaries of one #genre but mixes different genres and #styles which result in a unique, futuristic style.

She completed a 4-year education in Sound & Vision and added another year of education in Music Production.
In 2014, she started her own project 'Kahlina' making her own music, changing her master bedroom into a home-studio, buying some quality #tech gear and writing and producing originals.
Only a year later, she started gaining some impressive success upon competing in the Global Rockstar #competition and becoming a national winner with thousands of votes for her #song "Crooked Coryphee".
Not long after that she earned an "Akademia Award" in January 2016 for her song "Genesis".

In between all this success, she's producing her own upcoming # album and also collaborating with other #musicians around the globe. Kahlina is now the lead guitarist and director of #videography of Everpresent upon debuting on the #video of the electro-rock track "Inside" (from "Parallax" album) in March 2018.

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