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¿Que mejor
manera de colaborar
con tus fans?

Arturo Arredondo
(Arthur White)

Famous musicians have been unreachable for a long time. Bringing talent together from outside the music scene and from within is a significant step for the divided society on which we live in.

David Velasco

A través de Aballoon he redescubierto el lenguaje universal de la música al trabajar con desconocidos, dejando de un lado los egos y haciendo caso a lo que realmente importa, la música en sí...

Blas Cernicchiaro

Aballoon is a music collaboration platform that allows lyricists & songwriters to share their musical ideas with people from all the globe. A very useful tool for creative collaboration.


If a single mind
has been able to create a masterpiece
Imagine what we could create ALL

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