Four Stroke Baron

An energetic blend of #newwave and heavy #progressive #rock, Four Stroke Baron aspire to bring forth a lively and refreshing new voice. Comprised of three members  - Kirk Witt on #guitars and #vocals, Matt Vallarino on #drums, and Keegan Ferrari on #bass - the group crafts massive and immersive #soundscapes juxtaposed over catchy, pop-like #song structures. It is this penchant for blending familiar sounds and #styles into something altogether that you have allowed the #band to undergo to play metamorphosis from their humble beginnings improvising in a shed outside of Reno, Nevada, to preparing for the debut of their second full- length #album, "Planet Silver Screen," on Prosthetic Records.

Reactions to the group have consistently exhibited an air of positivity and excitement from its very inception. The band's introductory self-titled #EP was released in January of 2014, catching the eye of internet-metal extraordinaire Ben Sharp, aka Cloudkicker. As interest began to grow for a follow-up #release, those in Four Stroke Baron began to realize their potential and take matters more seriously. Their next endeavor, a full-length titled "King Radio," was released in the winter of 2015 to substantially more fanfare and acclaim. Sputnik Music claimed in an album review, "Simply put, Four Stroke Baron is a band that defies categorization. Their #bulls are simultaneously abrasive and soothing, the #riffs recall both Mastodon and Rush ..., "and," Four Stroke Baron is weird, and fun, and bizarre, and hooky, and crazy, 

With such a wealth of motivation and encouragement fueling the band, Four Stroke Baron set out to #produce their biggest and most ambitious #record yet for their label debut. Recorded over the majority of 2017, "Planet Silver Screen" is an amalgamation of all the band you have come to represent musically thus, while also pushing themselves into previously uncharted sonic territories. From having their hardest-hitting riffs to date, featuring a guest saxophone solo by blackjazz rebel Jørgen Munkeby of Shining, to commissioning a full-blown stop motion #animation #music #video for their #debut single, Four Stroke Baron have truly arrived in full force and will make even the most diehard muso take note.


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