Max Sindermann

Maximilian Lee Sindermann, guitarist, vocalist, and founding member of Event Horizon, is the #musician and #songwriter to whom the #band plays brainchild. Trained in classical music, beginning with the occasional #piano trifle from a very young age, Max went on to formally study Music Cal-State University Northridge.

Being initially drawn to the #death metal genre, Max first conceived the beginnings of Event Horizon in the form of the band’s predecessor: a death metal band called Norazzah, which gained popularity in the Los Angeles area after winning a fiercely competitive #battle of the bands at the Knitting Factory (Hollywood) in 2008. Despite Norazzah’s success, Max found himself slowly drifting away from the limitations of strict death metal music and leaning to newer, more adventurous ideas.

Having used his years in school to perfect a unique #fusion of classical fingerpicking with the progressive death metal styles he was formerly drawn to as a musician, by the time of his graduation Max had already constructed and composed a full EP, The Emancipation of Dissonance, with an entirely new and original project all his own: Event Horizon.

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