Music Meditation

The healing powers of music in its presence & absence

By: Rach April 21 Aug | 2018

Music is therapeutic in its presence and absence.

If #silence is the lack of any kind of #sound and #music being the sum of sounds coming together, there's remedy in the way the two are in contrast and harmony. When music and silence become one in unison and when your #breathing pattern aligns with the #rhythm of the silence you're in created by the music that's surrounding you. 

Are we really ever in ultimate silence? It is one of the most challenging and difficult practices to achieve complete silence both internally and externally - the first more than the latter. 

Let's say you went into an utterly isolated space and you are fully cradled by the pure, serene silence of #nature, the sound of your breath remains and the #voice inside of your head is not so easily calmed. It is not an impossibility, it is just a skill that requires a lot of #meditation to acquire. In meditation, we seek oneness with ourselves and we do so by reflecting upon our breathing cycle and the deeper we delve into that pattern, the more you detach yourself from what surrounds externally and find inner-peace. 

I have found #peace amidst the loudest crowds and music is my meditation ##tool. I can be creative, productive, interactive or not, all at once when plugged to my playlists. I plug my #mind to the music and let those sounds resonate in me the silence that people seek to be in peace. I am more focused with music than without it. This is my practice, my form of silence. I close my eyes, I let the melodies, the frequencies, the rhythm sink in - I become one with what I am listening to and then I channel all that #energy out on the task in hand. I zone out of the world around me, the humans, the inanimate objects, whatever space or time configuration I am in, I become the sounds I am hearing and through that I am empowered, elevated, in tune with my own mental capacity. 

When I seek idleness and calmness, when I need to #transcend and mentally detach, when I need to pause and reset - music is also my meditation tool. 
It is a #ritual wherein I feel the need to connect to a sentiment or resolve one or simply not feel anything at all. And that is not quite simple in itself. The ability not to feel anything at all is like achieving utter silence without the sound of your own inner voice. I plug my mind to the music and that becomes my breathing cycle - I close my eyes and let my arms move to the sounds like they're orchestrating the elements and then I surrender. I connect to the thought that triggers the sentiment I am seeking - I relive that moment, I recreate the events and I intensify the #experience and I let it all out and I open my eyes and it all feels a whole lot better or a little bit worse. And that's alright, meditation is an intense experience and in order to reach the #cathartic you have to undergo the dramatic. 

In music, I have found solace, escape, activity and oneness. It is the tool and the therapy. 

Music is my silence. 



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