Music Dilemma II

Is there really a monetary value for a universal language?

By: Rach April 02 Aug | 2018

Music Dilemma comes back with a sequel that depicts the power of #music, weaknesses of the music #industry or rather the difficulties that #musicians face in a paradigm that lacks a vital support system. 

I have crossed this post about DJs recently on one of the #social #media #platforms that is perceived as sarcastic and humorous while in fact I see it as ironic and sad, as it is a reality often lived every day by musicians and #artists alike, to harsh truth That exemplifies the core of this #dilemma and all that Revolves around it. It goes like this:

"Your job as a DJ in the 90s:
(1) To DJ

Your job as a DJ today:
(1) Promoter 
(2) Graphic Designer
(3) Web Programming 
(4) Social Networking Master
(5) Public Relations Manager
(6) )))) Business Negotiator 
(7) Booking Agent
and of course ...
(8) To DJ "

Let's have a good laugh, like a hysterical cry, really, upon realizing that the musicians you envy for their #talent are actually forced to be jacks of all trades AND masters of one. Do you think musicians would like to be able to hire a team of #experts who would each fulfill these correspondent roles and leave them? Instead, they have to cover full ground and deliver an impeccable #performance in a state of mind often disturbed. This is the backstage where the party is not as wild as you think it is, at least not in the common sense. 

Let's talk budget; when the organizers map out the expenses of their #events, the band's fees are more often the most committed of all, while the other services are from there to catering or bar and so, they are covered to their owners' satisfaction. Negotiations are in order, of course. However, although we acknowledge the indispensable value of the #entertainment act, there is always this sense of nonchalance when it comes to paying the #band a decent amount. If a band does request what appears to be #organizers a "high number", they are considered faced with rejection because they are deemed replaceable by another band. Now if this band is better or worse, this does not matter sometimes.Organizers have this belief so rooted and remove branched out because of its constant practice over the years that all other event #managements started doing it. They are either fixated on the same act, no matter the cost or willing to substitute for less. Utter nonsense would not you think.

Let's talk exposure; when the organizers map out the expenses of their events, the band's fees are more often the most committed of all, to a point of being suggested to play for free in return for exposure. Now, as a debuting artist or up & coming band, this is not a bad tactic to launch yourself in the market, start attracting attention, build your image and network all around - although a symbolic compensation for encouragement is remarkably appreciated, it is still a profitable step long-term and remove the normal thing that all artists undergo.It does stop being acceptable at some point, where it seems almost like the band is doing the organizer in favor playing the show, over and over again or even worse, having the band believe that they are being done the favor for even being on that line-up The intellectual, mental and emotional values ????? behind any performance are not realistically weighed in at a specific #monetary value, but just like anything else, a price needs to be set and might as well just set it right, right? Do not 

The undermining concept of the unbalanced budget-exposure ratio musicians with the choice of not taking the gig and losing both #money and #exposure or playing at the compromised pay - a notion much integrated in any musician's psyche, resulting in the fear of missing out if they go against this "common current". And so this nonchalance is transmitted from the #malpractice of organizers to the mindset of musicians who would rather take it as it is not at all.

Let's talk golden age; musicians are brought up to believe that they must achieve big steps at a young age - of course, this is a natural appeal to the package and image of any artist. My question however, how can you aspire to achieve music, how can you achieve it, how can you achieve it? and artistry / musicianship at once. Let me put it this way: a musician can not #finance him / herself without a full-time job aside from music gigs, which is in itself enough to suck them into a corporate world of 9-5 employment, creating a turmoil due lack of time and energy even to perfect the art of being an artist.

This archetype has underlying structures that are correlated with each other from how organizers or promoters or booking agents maneuver business decisions to how the public, in return, offers support or not.

Let's talk mainstream; organizers preach in the name of commercial music - go to any bar with an acoustic act performing and you'll find them playing the same radio #songs or sing-alongs. It is almost like a brainwashed #society if I'm being completely honest. Organizers do not always support #original music and #underground music is far from being encouraged, why? Because they do not attract the masses and generate the big cash. And that in itself results in musicians copying each other's #playlists in a vortex of overheard, oversung covers. If #diversity was well-promoted and if all the genres were righteously given a chance to the public, musicians wouldn '

Let's talk support; this is the most delicate factor of all. While all other factors in play can be resolved in a way or another, while established musicians can cross bridges and come to a long way in shifting the #paradigm and its structures, one thing that remains so fixated in people's mind is the negligence to support artists in the ways that will benefit them the most. We're talking concert tickets, band charge, merchandise, CDs, digital tracks, etc. Up to this very day and moment, people constantly nag and criticize the price of all of the above at any range.Be it a local or #international act, but more specifically #local acts, there's always a debate about ticket prices as if it's a crime for artists to actually make some profit out of a performance, or as if there's an entire backline of workers behind any production of any size.

Life will never exist without music, it is an omnipresent #force, an identity that will never be shaken at any price. 



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